8th Grade

Mrs. V. Young

Mrs. V. Young

8th Grade Teacher



I have been a full time teacher, 10 years, but I have worked in the diocese since 2002 in different capacities.  Most of my teaching experience has been in
Diocese of Allentown.


Student Size: 7


English Language Arts: Throughout this year we will be building on the knowledge we gained last year in learning about the many parts of speech.

Literature: We will be exploring literature in its many forms. We will also be breaking each piece down to see how it consciously and subconsciously effects our feelings and thoughts.

Special Notes: As the 8th grade class, we will have the privilege of accumulating community service hours, confirmation, yearbook, a class trip, Bike & Boat for science credit, running the bake sale, fundraising, and much more!

What We Learn

Plural nouns, American History and the colonization of America, Social Studies, Grammar and writing, states of matter.

Who We Are

As the 8th grade class, we are the leaders of the school. The students in the lower grades look to us for cues as how to act, how to speak to each other, and how to be a good Catholic person.

Technician (Building computers), Football/Basketball/Baseball Player, caregiver,  video gamers, volleyball player, social media expert, music fan, runner.

What We Will Be

As a whole, we want to be good influences on the world.

Veterinarian, architect, NBA player, Lawyer or Guidance counselor, computer specialist/business owner, professional fighter, artist, scientist.

Why We Love Holy I

Holy Infancy allows us to grow academically and in our faith!

The people, classmates and teachers, awesome uniforms, recess at the boys club yard, PE, trips to the banana factory, field trips, Lehigh Univeristy, Yearbook, Student Council, Confirmation, learning about God and faith, masses together, community service, learning cursive, unique approach to learning to write with pen so that we can learn from mistakes as opposed to erasing and fixing.  Christmas shows, fund raisers, Graduation party, bake sales, Halloween dance, half days on first Friday, Thanksgiving lunch,  picnic. Scholarships to Beca, help build a website, sports involvement with other schools (football for Notre Dame, etc) Principal and Father Andy.