• Does my child have to be Catholic to attend Holy Infancy School?
    No. All families are welcome. Students of all ethnicities and religious beliefs are welcomes and encouraged to attend.
  • What is the classroom ratio?
    We offer one classroom per grade and new student enrollment is limited to 25 per classroom.
  • Do students wear uniforms?
    Yes. Students in Kindergarten through Grade 8 wear a uniform daily. Students in Pre-Kindergarten are only required to wear a gym shirt on gym days.
  • Do you have before- or after-school care?
    We offer an after-school program called “Aftercare.” Rates are daily, weekly and hourly to provide the parents with the flexibility they need.
  • Why is there a price difference in tuition for parishioners versus non-parishioners?
    Families of Holy Infancy parishioners attend Church regularly, and their weekly donations are taken into consideration to compensate for the tuition difference.